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    Robert's songs on
    Broadcast Music, Inc.

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    Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine, issue no. 53, features a Master Workshop of Robert's composition Big Lee "Leo". The magazine ships nationwide and includes a CD with his original piece!

    Robert W. Dillon, Ph.D. is a premiere fingerstyle guitarist with a very diverse repertoire. Robert's music consists of classical to beautiful arrangements of popular cover songs, and brilliantly mastered originals. His music includes modern covers, pop, rock, country, tropical, variety, classical, romantic, spanish, reggae, broadway, movie and theatre themes, holiday season, and originals. Years of practicing and developing a flawless classical fingerstyle technique in combination with a diverse repertoire have influenced and enhanced his abilities in developing a signature sound for his originals, many of which have a variety of guitar tunings. Robert unique fingerstyle technique produces rich and expressive tones that are heard as three-dimensional melodies (foreground, middleground, and background) to create an almost "orchestral" sound.

    Janet Dillon was born and raised in Naples Florida. Her love for music began at a very young age. She is a naturally talented vocalist with a smooth, bright and angelic voice. Her love for singing led her to musical theatre, talent contests and beauty pageants in her teens. She won many local, state, and national beauty pageants including "America's Miss Charm." She won Mrs. Congeniality of Oregon America Pageant 2017 when we were living in Oregon. Now we are back in SW Florida. Her passion has always been music and singing for live audiences.

    Hire Bob & Janet for your special occasion:

    Wedding Music: Ceremony & Reception (cocktails & dinner)
    Quality Entertainment for all Occasions
    corporate events, fine dining & banquets, business parties,
    wine tasting events, grand openings, country clubs, concerts,
    anniversaries, private parties, art galleries, and more.
    Music for Funerals

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    Robert's latest CD
    Songs of the 70's & 80's
    for Fingerstyle Guitar

    Robert has professionally recorded his favorite music on 6 CDs as shown on his CD Recordings page.
    His albums include:

    Songs of the 70's & 80's for Fingerstyle Guitar (2013)
    Favorite Classical Guitar Instrumentals (2012)
    Fingerstyle Guitar & Percussion Duo (2005)
    Christmas Classics (2004)
    Renewed Memories (2002)
    Images From The Heart (2000)

    Robert's music consists of classical to beautiful arrangements of popular cover songs, and brilliantly mastered originals. Robert's originals have been played on various TV shows, radio stations in the U.S., and published in national guitar magazines. His refined classical fingerstyle technique applied to his music allows him to produce wonderful sounding three-dimensional compositions that have won the hearts of many listeners. Many people have said he sounds like two guitars at once!

    Hearing Bob's 3-dimensional compositions along with his tonal beauty on the guitar is an enormous treat to the listener that words can not express! The quality and depth of music coming from his guitar is astounding! ... Taylor Guitars

    Concert Review

    Anticipating the creative beauty of Robert Dillon's performances has always been a joy for me. Collectively watching how he designs his set-up and how meticulously his body and hands are positioned before each composition expresses a continuity of form within himself and his fingerstylings.

    Robert's presence is his greatest introduction to his music. Mild in manner, yet expressive in delivery. Each performance reveals developed textures that can only be created through the union between musician and his innate understanding of his instrument.

    There is always a sense of quiet within the audience, but not so much as to listen, but to feel.

    The mystery of the how and the why between fingers and strings makes Robert Dillon an object of passion's greatest desire...having.

    ... Othello Leonard, Musician & Poet, Hot Springs, AR

    Review Summaries

    The loft has had some terrific guitarists from all over America perform, but I've never seen one so totally captivate an audience as Robert Dillon does!
    ... Bud Kenny, Concert at the Poet's Loft

    D'Addario Performing Acoustic Artist and Endorser of D'Addario Strings. The CD – Great stuff, Robert is a fine player!
    ... John Ferrante, J. D'Addario & Co

    I highly recommend Robert Dillon's "Images From The Heart" for any fan of acoustic guitar, classical guitar, new age music, or guitar music in general!
    ... Bob Porri,

    An excellent CD – and certainly all the way there!
    ... Les Reynolds,

    Guitarist Brings Unique Style To Spa!
    ... Alison Harbour, The Sentinel-Record Newspaper

    Album of crystal clear shine and flawless rhythm ... the melodic lines shine out like dew on a spider's web!
    ... Ben Ohmart,

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